Office Decoration Ideas

When decorating your office the idea is to have your office welcome you when walk through the door. As you sit down in your chair behind your desk; you want to feel relaxed, comfortable and also confident. The more relaxed you are while working the more productive you will be and, the more 'Intuitive' and free flowing your mind will be. You'll find your subconscious throwing up answers to you for any particular issue or problem you may face.

With the idea that your office is in your company building with other co-workers who will be able to see inside through the doorway and will also visit you at times; it is very important you understand the affect the 'Feel' of your office has when some one else enters it.

Therefore; you need to create a balance of what you like to have around you with the feelings of your fellow co-workers who will stop in to talk with you.

Plants Are Great If You Keep In Mind A Few Simple Things

Plants can do a lot for your office; you just need to be aware that the color, shape and size of the plant are more significant than people think. Most of the time, you can buy a plant and return in two or three days as along as you don't damage it and give it the proper amount of water it needs. This works out well for you as a lot of times it's hard to really be able to understand and visualize exactly how it's going to look and feel in your office until you place it there and live with it for a few days.

The most important thing to keep in mind with any type of plant is you want one that does not go anywhere near having a heavy fragrance. You might love it; but a co-worker or two might be extremely sensitive to any fragrance so keep the focus of the plant on size, shape and color and also be aware if a plant needs a specific amount of sunlight you are going to have to position it near a window.

Dealing With Those Bare Walls.

Unless your office has floor to ceiling windows; you are going to have to break up the space presented by bare walls. Most of the time it is strongly suggested that you use 'Art' over plain pictures so you want inexpensive paintings some of which might be 'abstract' in nature but make sure they are not 'Too Busy.'

Inexpensive prints of paintings of certain animals can be a plus especially if the animal or animals portrayed in these prints are a representation of the positive parts of your personality. Properly chosen they will remind you of your strengths and the belief you have in yourself and other people will quickly learn that there is a good reason for the particular animals and how they are portrayed in the ones you have chosen

Make sure you hang them at a proper height and be aware of size. Again, you can return a painting or print in a few days if you bring it into your office and once you have it actually there, you realize it's just too big and over powering.

With Enough Space, A Faux Brick Wall Can Really Change The Look And Feel Of Your Office

A faux brick wall might be a little more than some people can actually do when decorating their office; but it can have a big impact. There are also various colors or 'Smearings' such as 'Chalk White' to tone down the bright 'Brick Red' coloring and have it resemble the inside of an older and more prestigious structure.

Last little note; when it comes to pictures of your family and your pets, if you have any, keep them on your desk and facing you. This way someone entering your office and talking with you won't see them unless they move around your desk or; you decide that there is a proper and positive time to show, or more appropriately share. them with a co-worker.

You can have your office decorated so that you enjoy it and your co-workers appreciate it as well. Just keep in mind your office should welcome you, have you feeling comfortable and confident, and be a nice place your colleagues and other associates to drop by.


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